Gallery – Steel Fabrication to Custom Trailers

The team at Trufab Engineering are the leading metal fabricators and steel fabrication team in Perth. Using the latest 3D CAD technologies, we fabricate a broad of products. Our product range covers a wide range of different and diverse needs for WA industry, from custom trailers to work stands and large scale plate rolling.

  • 3D CAD Gallery

This gallery showcases a diverse range of products that were made to meet our client’s needs using 3D CAD software. We are able to a range of specifications, welds, and engineering design needs systematically and in detail.

  • Access Platforms

Access platforms can be any size, any shape and require multiple forms of access. Trufab Engineering uses CAD software to design and construct access platforms according to specific needs and design criteria.

  • Custom Trailers

Custom trailers are must-have assets for many WA businesses in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors. Our trailers are custom made in a vast selection of designs for different purposes.

  • Fabrication Gallery

Fabrication services may involve a single product or a range of products that meet a range of specifications and operational needs. Our steel fabricators provide a complete service, from design through to fabrication, to assist our clients with onsite needs.

  • Field Bins

In the agricultural sector, field bins are high value, highly functional assets. Trufab Engineering offers a complete selection of field bins that are well proven in the WA agricultural sector as excellent, high capacity mobile bins. Our field bins are ideal for WA’s grain sector and we’ve been making them for many years.

  • Plate Rolling Gallery

Any engineer will tell you that plate rolling is a combination of an art form, a design challenge, and a high precision exercise in plate management. We have many years of experience in all aspects of plate rolling on every imaginable scale.

  • Specialised Transport Frames

Transport frames come in all shapes and sizes, from the very complex to the made-to-measure high-precision structures you see here. We offer a full range of services for transport frames for a broad customer base in many different sectors.

  • Workstands Gallery

Work stands may require a truly diverse range of configurations, from basic stands to specification-rich designs for specific purposes. As you can see from our gallery examples, we can fabricate any type of stand.

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