World Built on Steel in canning vale

A World Built on Steel

Steel is not just used for high rise apartments and towering office buildings. It is also essential to the infrastructure that keeps the modern world running. Steel supplies are used in constructing everything from massive bridges to high voltage electrical towers. It is a sign of steel’s
high quality and desirability that as a country’s standard of living and GDP rises so too does its investment in steel infrastructure. In Australia, we’re all about investing in Steel.
Why Steel Infrastructure?Stainless steel has many benefits that make it a favourite for architects designing essential infrastructure. Major benefits of Steel include:

  • Aesthetic appeal and durability
  • Resistance to high heat, corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion cracking.
  • Cost-savings, both on initial material and over the lifecycle of the project.
  • Extended lifespan and reduced maintenance for concrete constructions where corrosion may be a concern
  • Maintenance-free results in quality steel fabrication. This means very low ongoing costs above the initial investment.

Sustainable Steel

Steel is also a highly sustainable material, making it an important player in the future of society. Most grades of steel use around 90% recycled
material, making it quite an eco-friendly choice for infrastructure.

Steel Bridges

Modern bridges must be able to support very heavy loads, such as freight trains and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Almost all bridges are now constructed
with steel due to its strength, flexibility, and very long life.

High-performance, high-strength steel is also becoming more common and increases all these benefits greatly.

Powering the Nation

Steel is essential to the process of getting electricity from power generation sources to consumers. The substations that your power passes through are
generally constructed from heavy steel and use steel or other varieties of metal in the transformers they house. Larger transmission poles and towers are generally constructed from steel as well. This ensures that electrical conductors are isolated safely and securely from their environment. Steel wire is even used to give extra strength to the aluminium power lines themselves, preventing sagging in the wires.

The reasons steel is used so extensively in the transmission of electricity are similar to the reasons it is used in bridges – strength, durability, cost-efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Building Better Railways

High strength steel is also used to construct railways, an essential piece of infrastructure on which many supply chains rely. Steel’s strength, flexibility, and long-life all combine to make it ideal for railways where safety and durability are essential due to ongoing and high impact usage.

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