Plate Bending & Rolling in Perth

Structural Steel Fabrication – Plate Rolling and Bending

The team at Trufab Engineering are the experts when it comes to structural steel fabrication in Perth. You can rely on us for all your plate bending and rolling requirements. We operate several plate bending and rolling machines and we have very flexible capabilities in forming all kinds of shapes.

Our Machinery

Our structural steel fabricators use industry-leading plate rolling techniques. We have two in-house plate rolling machines including a state-of-the-art CNC plate roller. This makes us and our equipment the leaders when it comes to versatility and efficiency.

Our four-roll machine features heavy-duty plate rolling technology controlled through NC and CNC systems. During each phase of the rolling process, the machine clamps and drives the plate according to specifications. Trufab Engineering also operates two press brakes with pressing capacity up to 300 tonnes.

Always Accurate Consistent Precision

We guarantee repeatable accuracy with all of our structural steel fabrication. Our four-plate rolling machine is fully capable of rolling material to the most complex of specifications. We can easily and accurately form steel into a variety of circular, conical and elliptical shapes. Our experienced operators can work with a wide range of materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Other Advantages to the Four-Roller

One of the other advantages of this plate bending roll is that it will automatically minimise the flat end length, making plate alignment very easy. In addition, thanks to permanent clamping of the piece of metal between the top and bottom roll, there is a minimal use of cranes and other equipment and a high degree of process automation.

Plate Bending Perfection

Auger Repairs by Trufab Engineering

Our team of plate bending experts guarantee repeatable accuracy thanks to the industry-leading technology packed into our LVD PPEB press brake.  Sheet metal designs can be sent directly to the machine, via our CADMAN software, and the software will calculate the most efficient and accurate way to bend the component.  This addition has been a great booster to our productivity and the finished quality of our products.  This means your job will be done right and on time.

We’re here to help you with your steel fabrication and plate bending needs. For more information on this service, contact us to discuss your requirements.


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