Auger Repairs Services in Perth

Auger Repairs

Auger systems are subject to wear and tear just like any other machinery, especially when they’re processing large volumes of grain. If your augers are beginning to look rippled or thin on the edges, it’s a sign they may need to be repaired or replaced. Not only will a worn auger result in slower discharge speeds but they can also suddenly collapse causing blocked auger systems and hours of downtime to rectify. At Trufab Engineering, we provide auger repair services in addition to custom building new auger systems.

With nearly 60 years of experience as expert metal fabricators servicing the agricultural industry in Western Australia, you can count on us. We stock the full range of 272-430mm o/d auger spirals for the Grain Titan and Grain King product range and have the expertise to repair or replace your auger system.

Specialist Auger Services

Our team can carry out all types of repairs and modifications to your auger systems, from minor grain auger repairs to complete remanufacturing of all components. If you have a specialised auger system, we can help. Talk to our experts about your needs and we’ll provide all the technical help, support and services you need.

What Can Go Wrong with an Auger System?

Aside from wear and tear to the augers, there are a variety of components in your auger system that can experience issues, including:

  • Clutch - As a large amount of torque is required from the engine to turn the auger, the clutch can wear out and over time lose its ability to engage the drive shaft. This can be a result of worn friction discs or the clutch springs losing their tension.
  • PTO shaft – PTO driven augers will have a drive shaft (or PTO shaft) which connects the auger system to the tractor (typically connected to a clutch or gearbox on the auger system). These can break if clutch tensions are incorrect or if not stowed correctly during transport.
  • Gearbox - Some augers use gearboxes. These will wear down over time but wear can be minimized by maintaining the correct oil levels in your gearbox and ensuring the seals aren’t leaking.

Auger Repairs in Perth

If you want to find out more about our auger services or require any advice, technical guidance or information, please contact our team. For a free quote on our augers or to get more information on our grain auger repairs and other services like grain bin construction, get in touch today.

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