Company History – About Our Steel Fabricators

Trufab Engineering has a long history as metal fabricators in Perth. We started as a family business in 1962 in Welshpool, WA. At that time, we were primarily a structural and general steel fabrication company, manufacturing factories, sheds, and storage tanks.

The family continued to grow the business and then in 1982, the directors diversified into manufacturing for the mining and agricultural industries under the Trufab name. We expanded our role as steel fabricators in Perth at that time. Around the same time, Trufab moved from its Welshpool premises to the current location in Canning Vale.


Trufab Engineering has produced numerous steel structures since its early days, including many of the large storage silos that can be seen in towns throughout the WA Wheatbelt. We’ve been assisting WA businesses for many years and have a very close connection with our WA client base. .

In recent times, we further expanded our range of services to meet market needs. The need for steel fabrication services and steel manufacturers in Perth diversified and drastically expanded during the mining boom construction era. Trufab Engineering diversified too, adding a new spectrum of capabilities and added capacity.


Trufab Engineering has come a long way from its origins in terms of scope and scale of production. As the company expanded, so did the range of products and the scale of services we were able to offer our clients. We have a strong and progressive vision for the future but our core values of excellent service remain unchanged.

We combine our truly extensive range of experience with the latest CAD technology and fabrication techniques. We ensure that all work is completed to top quality standards to deliver superior products to our clients. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, offering technical support, practical solutions and expert guidance as required.

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