Access Platform in Perth

Access and Mobile Work Platforms

Trufab Engineering provides safe solutions to the common problem of maintaining industrial equipment and other work essentials. Our mobile and fixed work platforms are designed so your personnel can perform the required tasks in the safest and most efficient manner, in whatever the work environment may be.

Computer-designed And Certified For Safety

Producing a class of reliable products for major industrial use means putting our best minds and tools to work. Trufab Engineering has it’s own in-house computer-aided design (CAD) software. This high-tech software allows us to create fully engineered access platforms that are suitable for any workplace.

Trufab Engineering also provides all relevant safety documentation (including an engineers report) for our products before they’re delivered to your place of business. Every access platform design is checked with a computer-generated analysis and then the completed platforms undergo a rigorous physical check, to ensure they’re in full compliance with all the appropriate Australian Standards.

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