Work Stands in Perth

Fixed & Mobile Work Stands

Promoting worker safety and productivity is one of the biggest concerns here at Trufab Engineering. We answer that need by fabricating and supplying certified work stands, so that your personnel will still be able to do their work, even when a hazardous job needs to be done during a shutdown or while maintenance is being done on heavy machinery.

We can supply work stands for any on-the-job application, including:

  • Bucket stands
  • Cable reel stands
  • Dozer stands
  • Mobile work stands
  • Maintenance stands
  • General purpose stands

Specified and Certified for Worker Safety

Our work stands are available in a wide selection of sizes to meet your company’s needs, from small one-person units to models that can support over 200 tonnes. We have designed and engineered every work stand to meet workplace safety standards for both your own expectations and the Australian Standards that govern our workplace.

Does your business have specific requirements for a work stand? If so, please call us today. Our friendly staff will be quick to offer more information and a free quote on our fixed and mobile work stands.