Grain Titan Field Bins vs Round Field Bins

While travelling through rural farming communities, it’s common to see both rectangle-shaped field bins and round field bins along the landscape. But what is the difference between them? Are there benefits to choosing one over the other? Our field bins and round field bins can be distinguished by both size and shape as well as how they are used. Round field bins are generally used on smaller farms, due to their smaller capacity while the larger, ‘trailer style’ field bins are a long term, scalable solution for large cropping programs.

At Trufab Engineering, we manufacture a range of quality field bins that are highly durable, easy to use and capable of being transported over long distances by road. With almost 60 years of manufacturing experience and close to 40 of these years spent in grain bin construction, you can be sure the field bins we create are of the highest standards.

Why are Grain Titan Field Bins Better?

While both designs use auger systems to unload their contents, round field bins generally have a slow unloading speed and relatively small capacity. Any increase in capacity, generally means increasing the diameter of the field bin, which makes transport more difficult. On the other hand, Grain Titan field bins are equipped with a horizontal floor auger, which force feeds the discharge auger and results in faster discharge speeds. The long, rectangular shape means our field bins can be transported by road, with a single pilot, and makes filling them a breeze.

Built with heavy gauge steel and finished off with a 2-pack paint coating, the Grain Titan field bins are built to last for decades.

Our Field Bins

At Trufab Engineering, we manufacture our field bins using pressed and braced sides to ensure they are rigid. Thanks to a unique over-centre locking feature, in our auger folding mechanism, there is no need for any bolting. We use large 14" or 18” precision balanced unloading augers with hydraulic folding. Additional features include viewing windows, cleanout doors, a floor access door and more.

Our field bins are suitable for all grain types and have even been used (with some slight modifications) for fertilizer storage.

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If you want to find out more about our field bins or require any advice, technical guidance or information, please contact our team. For a free quote on our field bins or to get more information on our grain bin construction and other services like auger repairs, get in touch today.

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