Tower Of Specialised Transport Frames

Specialised Transport Frames can help your Business

One of the services we specialise in at Trufab Engineering is the fabrication of steel transport frames. In this article, we’ll explain just what our specialised transport frames are, why they’re important, and the myriad needs they can be designed to meet.Why Are Specialised Steel Transport Frames Important?

Whether you’re shipping freight across Western Australia or moving heavy objects around a warehouse, the strength and durability of steel provide functionality and safety. The best way to make sure your cargo is safe and secure during transport is to have your frame specially designed for your needs.

Meeting Regulations

There are a number of road compliance and enforcement regulations surrounding the securing of loads during transport. At Trufab, we keep up to date
with these. We also use CAD software to make sure all the steel transport frames meet the relevant requirements. This helps to keep your cargo, drivers, and other traffic safe.

What Can I Use Transport Frames for?

Specialised steel frames can be used for an almost endless range of transportation purposes, but some of the most common are:

Transporting Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

When you are transporting chemicals that are corrosive, flammable, or toxic it is very important that they are secured and stable. A sturdy and strong customised steel frame is the ideal way to make sure your cargo stays in place.

Moving Factory or Warehouse Stock

If you operate a factory or warehouse where pallets of stock need to be moved regularly with forklifts, steel transport frames can be very useful. Not only does a frame secure and support the stock while it is moved, but it creates a protective barrier between the forklift and the cargo.

Transporting Engines and Other Machines

When shipping car engines, other engines, or any machine, it’s important to have it firmly secured to prevent damage. We can create the frame to fit the shape of the machine perfectly so that it will be held securely for the duration of the trip.

Safely Transport Almost Any Weight

Our custom-designed transport frames can be made to safely hold a wide range of loads. Frames built by Trufab have been used to transport items weighing from 400 kg up to more than 6 tonnes. Steel is an incredibly strong material, and when constructed properly it can support very high weights.

Only Use Trusted Steel Fabrication Experts

Make sure you only use steel transport frames created by a trained and experienced team. Your cargo is too important to be transported in a second-rate frame.

Quality Checklist

Make sure the company making your frames can guarantee:

  • Qualified engineers to design the frame
  • Full certification
  • Designs that are customised to suit your needs, not mass produced
  • Frames that are galvanised or painted to provide maximum protection and prevent corrosion.
  • Products that come with full decal kits displaying product description,
    weights and designated lifting points, to make for safe and easy use.

For custom transport frames that meet your needs, contact us today