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Steel Fabrication – The Importance of High Quality Materials

Quality steel fabrications by Trufab EngineeringHigh quality steel is a critical factor in so many ways, in engineering terms and in safety terms. It is no coincidence that the best steel is used in the most demanding environments. We’re going to look at steel fabrication quality issues, and offer some tips about the values of high-quality steel in the modern environment.

The absolute bottom line with steel quality is that low quality steel is simply not suited to a range of uses. In the past, low quality steel was okay for machinery, and much less advanced uses. These days, there’s not much use for low quality steel. Machines like computers, modern cars, aircraft, and even basic kitchen appliances now work on much more demanding specifications.

When it comes to precision engineering, there is a very clearly defined limit in relation to steel quality. Top quality steel is a very reliable material. It can be machined to micro millimetre accuracy, and perform dependably against measured stresses.

Low quality steel can’t do any of these things. Typically, low quality steel may or may not even be able to be engineered properly. When cutting low-quality steel, the cutting blade is usually high-quality steel. Inferior quality steel can literally fall to pieces while you’re using it. This low-grade steel is generally considered more dangerous than commercially useful or even saleable.

Steel Quality in Operation

When it comes to machinery, the quality issues are too important to even consider using low-grade steel. Machine grade steel is by definition heavy duty. It is required to carry loads, support machine structures, and perform demanding work.

Less obvious, but equally important, is the value of high-quality steel in components. This highly engineered steel is required to work with other precision components. Any lack of quality, or any deterioration in the components, it means that the machine will not operate properly. That’s why so much importance is placed on ensuring that any steel used in precision engineered products is of the very highest quality.


Steel quality can be accurately measured. The standard measures are hardness, load-bearing capacity, carbon content, and proven performance. Best practice for engineers is to use steel which is actually above product specifications requirements.

This is similar to using a support beam for a house which can carry a bigger load than the load to which it is actually subjected. This methodology ensures that the steel used will be of good quality, and fully suitable for its role in whatever structure it’s used.

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