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The Importance of Steel Fabrication in the WA Mining Sector

Steel is made of iron ore, a resource that occurs in all Australian States and Territories. However, almost 90 percent of identified resources occur in Western Australia. Australia is ranked first in the world for the amount of demonstrated resources, totalling 54 billion tonnes.

Steel is important to Western Australia’s economy not only because the mining industry mines for iron ore, but also because we use structural steel tools to get the mining done.

What is Iron Ore and what is it used for?

Iron ore is a rock that metallic iron is extracted from. Almost 93 percent of Australia’s identified iron ore resources can be found in WA, according to the Federal Government’s Australian Mines Atlas. Australia’s iron ore is some of the best quality in the world.

In the modern world, we use iron ore in our everyday lives. Most of the iron ore is used to make steel, which is used in building an incredible variety of things. From trains, planes and automobiles to high-rise buildings and bridges, steel is used in the development of many, many products and industries. We use it to create everything from ships and pipes to machinery and tools, from building and construction to manufacturing cans of food and much, much more.

How Steel Fabrication Contributes to Mining

Aside from the fact that without the mining industry in Western Australia, steel fabrication might not be an industry, the fact is that now the two need each other. Mining for iron ore cannot be completed without steel tools and equipment, and steel tools and equipment cannot be created without the iron ore mining industry.

Now, steel is used in every aspect of mining in Western Australia. To even build the mines requires structural steel frameworks. Steel fabrication has been used to create a wide range of equipment for mining purposes.  In our modern age, this fabrication of steel is even more precise and efficient due to the use of computer-aided design technology. Some of the advanced pieces of equipment that comes from steel fabrication and contributes to mining in Western Australia are:

  • Augers
  • Blades
  • Hammers
  • Rippers
  • Wheel Excavators and buckets
  • Wheel Loaders and buckets
  • Wheel dozers
  • Articulate trucks
  • Material handlers
  • Motor graders
  • Off-highway trucks
  • Track loaders

These are only a handful of tools and equipment used in the mining industry that is created with structural steel fabrication.

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