What is 3D Computer Aided Design (3D CAD)?

What is Computer-Aided Design, or CAD? It is becoming ever popular and increasingly used in many industries, including in steel fabrication, so it is important that you know a little something about it. CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. Using CAD software, in essence, replaces manual drafting with an automated process, creating repeatable and exact designs. These systems aid in the draft, creation, modification, analysis and optimisation of any design.

Hand on mouse, on computer, a 3d model is being reviewed.

What happens with CAD?

CAD includes the process of creating a technical drawing by utilising computer software. However, it is more than just drawing. When the CAD is finished creating a draft, it must also convey information about the project, like which materials will be used, which processes followed out, the size of
the dimensions, etc. The conventions must be application-specific. CAD can design two-dimensional curves and figures, or it can create curves,
surfaces and solids in 3D space.

Where is 3D CAD Used?

CAD is used for an incredibly wide range of industries, from engineering to entertainment. The software helps to increase a designer’s productivity and improve the design’s quality, while at the same time improve communications during the design process by documenting every step and creating a manufacturing database.

3D CAD helps designers and engineers view their model virtually, in 3D, on a computer before they create it. This allows them an integrated way to analyse a project’s important physical and functional characteristics in a digital format.

Some of the main industries that utilise 3D computer-aided design technology are: building design, infrastructure, construction and utilities projects.
This technology greatly helps with the innovative process of manufacturing and fabricating structural steel, which is used in all of these industries and then some.

Computer-Aided Engineering

The design aspect of CAD is only one component in the broader Digital Product Development activity, so it is used in conjunction with other tools and
products. One such integrated module is computer-aided engineering, or CAE, which is the overall utilisation of computer software to aid in engineering analysis.

The software that has been developed to complete these engineering tasks is known as CAE tools. These tools analyse how robust and how well the
components of a project and its assemblies are. CAE is used in everything from automotive and aviation industries to space and shipbuilding.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CAM is the use of software to actually control the machinery and tools related in manufacturing products. So, using the design, the computer will then control or assist in controlling the operations behind manufacturing. This leads to an overall faster, more efficient and more precise production process.

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