Tower of Custom Steel Fabrication

Make Custom Steel Fabrication Work for Your Projects

Steel fabrication refers to broad processes involving the cutting, shaping and/or moulding of steel to form a specific or customised product. Steel fabricators can produce all kinds of metal products such as sheeting, bars, rods and joins in a variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions.

Commercial and residential builders often use stock components with customised features for building frames or for industrial equipment like auger conveyor systems. But custom steel fabrication is virtually limitless in scope. Steel fabricators can make items that are totally unique and made to exacting requirements. This can be anything from decorative steel cabinets and gates to metal tanks.

They have the ability to provide design and construction assistance with state of the art 3D modelling software and highly skilled staff. To help you understand how custom steel fabrication can work for your projects, we’ll break it down into three key processes.

We design your customised steel fabricate first

Steel fabricators don’t just build the end product you need. They also help with the design and functionality of your desired product. This
includes conceptualisation, creation and analysis of the product’s build, characteristics and how it will be assembled.

This is achieved using Computer Aided Design (CAD). Trufab Engineering uses a high-end 3D modelling program called SolidWorks Premium, which allows us to:

  • Create a 3D model of parts and final assembly Review the product from multiple directions to ensure there are no flaws or anything that will interfere with the end result Make any necessary tweaks, changes or enhancements in the design to improve structural integrity and functionality

3D modelling software allows you to see a photorealistic rendering of the final product and an animation of the product in action if it involves
moving parts. This intricate process ultimately ensures the product will work well before any construction takes place.

How we manufacture your steel products

Once your product has been designed and scrutinised, it will be built from scratch. The fabrication method depends on the final design and the materials used, as well as size, shapes, and intended purpose. It can involve one or more processes including casting, forging, drawing and punching, drilling, welding, bending and milling.

Trufab Engineering has a modern manufacturing facility in Perth equipped with a range of specialist machinery. This helps us to achieve quality workmanship with our customised steel products. Our equipment includes plate guillotines, press brakes and a CNC plate roller. Computer-aided manufacturing allows the whole production process to be completed efficiently and with precision.

Final Assembly

Depending on the project, the final parts will be sent to a commercial worksite for assembly or the project will be completed in-house. Some
custom products might need secondary finishing treatments to meet the desired specifications. This might involve polishing, painting, bonding or de-burring before final assembly is carried out. It can also involve testing to ensure the end product will be long lasting and of the highest quality.

Skilled and experienced steel fabricators have the ability to create anything from heavy industrial machinery to intricate precision tooling. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Trufab Engineering can guarantee high-quality steel fabrication in Perth, regardless of what your project may be.

For more information or a quote on customised steel fabrication services, call us on 08 9455 1377 or get in touch with us online.